Approve Estimate

  1. On behalf of myself and the owner of the boat described in the estimate referenced below, I agree to the terms of this contract and I am authorized to order the work listed above including labor, parts, and material for the boats, motors, and/or trailers described. Delivery of boats, motors, trailers, accessories and deposits express my consent to the terms of this contract.
  2. On behalf of myself and the owner, I agree to pay the prices specified or, in the absence of specified prices, time and material for completion of the work I ordered.
  3. Payment for completed work is due immediately upon invoicing. Unpaid invoiced balances accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month. I agree that Aquaman Marine may hold the boats, motors, or trailers described above, pending payment for the work.
  4. I agree and understand that Aquaman Marine has a contractual and statutory mechanic’s and artisan’s lien on the boats, motors, and trailers described above to secure payment of its invoices.
  5. In the event that legal action is necessary to collect unpaid invoices and/or defend Aquaman Marine, I agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees, costs and expenses incurred collecting the balance due and/or defending Aquaman Marine.
  6. Aquaman Marine is not liable for loss or damage caused by theft, fire, or other cause beyond Aquaman Marine’s control.
  7. I represent and warrant that I have and/or the owner has insurance coverage for both liability and property damage to the boats, motors, and trailers described in the estimate.
  8. I authorize Aquaman Marine to test, drive, and otherwise operate the boats, motors, and trailers described in the estimate in order to diagnose conditions and test repairs and replacements. I agree that Aquaman Marine employees may test, inspect, operate, or deliver boats and equipment at my risk.
  9. I agree that Aquaman Marine may substitute name-brand parts for other non-OEM parts for those parts currently unavailable.
  10. I agree to pay storage charges for boats, motors, trailers and equipment not retrieved within one week’s notice after completion of service.
  11. All parts, equipment, and accessories, remain the property of Aquaman Marine, Inc. until payment in full.