Aquaman Marine, Inc. 2018-2019 Storage Contract



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  1. Lessee has Legal Possession of Boat. The person executing this agreement (“Lessee”) is the legal owner, co-owner, agent of the owner, or is in legal possession of the boat and trailer, and the person shall have legal authority to bind the other owner(s) to this contract.
  2. Cost for Storage. The Lessee shall pay for storage of the boat / trailer at a minimum rate of $35.00 per linear foot. Lessee shall pay for the entire storage cost on or before the Commencement Date.
  3. No Outside Contractors Permitted. Boat owners may perform work on their own boats. No outside laborers are permitted on the property without the express consent of Aquaman Marine, Inc.
  4. No Insurance Carried by Marina. Aquaman Marine, Inc. does not carry insurance covering Lessees’ boats or equipment. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to purchase insurance and provide Aquaman Marine, Inc. proof of same.
  5. Lessee’s Trailer. If Lessee has a trailer for the boat, Lessee agrees that Lessor will use Lessee’s trailer to transport the boat to and from storage and for repairs, if necessary. Lessee warrants and represents the roadworthiness of his trailer. In the event that Lessee’s trailer requires repairs or breaks down on the road, Lessee agrees to compensate Lessor for all road repairs, towing, labor, equipment, and parts necessary to make the trailer roadworthy. Lessee maintains personal injury and property damage insurance on Lessee’s boat and trailer in the event of damage to Lessee’s boat and trailer, or damage or injury to other persons or property.
  6. Marina not Liable for Injury. Aquaman Marine, Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for personal injuries sustained by the Lessee, or any of the Lessee’s guests on any part of the Marina property, and assumes no responsibility for the safety of any vessel stored at the marina, and will not be liable for fire, theft, or damage to said vessel, its equipment, or any property in or on said vessel, however arising, reserving to Aquaman Marine, Inc. the right to assume control and charge of any vessel for the protection of life and property in abnormal conditions or during catastrophes. The Lessee agrees to hold Aquaman Marine, Inc. harmless for any legal costs or judgment associated with the personal injuries and/or losses to property referred to in this paragraph. Lessee is responsible for any damage caused by his/her trailer/boat to the property of others. All personal property, accessory articles, and/or equipment that Lessee wants to be removed must be taken off the boat before any storage procedure is started. Aquaman Marine, Inc. is not responsible for any loss of electronics, personal property, dock lines, canvas, power cords, valuables, etc. that are left on the boat/trailer.
  7. No Hazardous Materials / Fuel Levels. No hazardous materials may be stored within, under, or around the boat at any time. Boats should be stored with fuel tanks at least 3/4 full, but no more than 7/8 full.
  8. Removal Date. Lessee agrees that his/her boat/trailer will be removed by the termination date. Should the Lessee fail to remove the boat/trailer by that date, Aquaman Marine, Inc. reserves the right to charge the Lesee a pro-rated rate of $ 25.00, per day.
  9.  Litigation Costs. Lessee(s) agree to pay Aquaman Marine, Inc.’s attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred enforcing the terms of this contract regardless of whether litigation is filed.
  10. Complete Contract. This contract represents the final, complete, and total agreement of the parties.

The parties hereto as of the date written above have duly executed this Winter Storage Contract.