Aquaman Marine offers full-service, on-site maintenance, repair and winterization for all types of boats in the greater Chicagoland.


Preventative Maintenance


We’re sure you’ve heard that preventative maintenance is one of the most important ways to insure a hassle free boating season…well it’s true! It can also save you money in the long run. Nothing is worse than planning a trip for weeks only to end up dead in the water because of an inexpensive part that could have been replaced before it failed. Many situations like this can be avoided with a proper post-season winterization that prepares your boat for storage and a succssful launch in the spring.

Sales & Service

We also provide authorized sales and service for many popular marine products including Crusader Engines, Volvo Penta, and Quicksilver Marine parts and accessories.


Aquaman Marine offers full-service, on-site maintenance, repair and winterization.


Aquaman Marine is a certified Chicago Harbor service vendor.


We hold our work to the highest standards and have fully insured staff.
Finally, a boat mechanic you can trust. I’ve worked with Percy for the last 13 years and he had my loyalty. Percy actually looks at the problem and tries to repair it. Yes preventive maintenance is a must, and when I do not listen and it goes out, Percy is just a phone call away to help trouble shoot the issue. I highly recomend Aquaman Marine Inc.
Jim K.

Bolingbrook, IL

Great five star service.  Percy has a great, accessible yard west of Andersonville and it is perfect for trailer boats.  He stored our boat and also winterized at a fair price.  Best of all he is very customer focused, with great response time.  His invoicing process is fast and easy.  They gave me a very good price on a wash and detail.  Most of all he is just a nice guy.
John M.

Chicago, IL

This is my first season as a new boater and I am in Belmont Harbor. I searched Yelp and decided to reach out to Aquaman Marine based on other good reviews. I cannot tell you how amazing Percy and his team have been. After only having the boat in the water for 3 weeks we had a failed out-drive due to a rope getting sucked into the prop over Memorial Day Weekend in the play pen. Percy met me at the boat the next morning and then drove the boat himself for over 4 hours on only one out-drive since the other was damaged. Being that is was Memorial Weekend no other marinas in the nearby area would take the boat in for repair. Percy found a marina, drove it there himself and then assessed the damaged.

Percy is certified to work on Volvo engines and as it turned out I had Volvo XDP out-drives on the boat, which I was not aware were discontinued. I even had 2 surveys done on the boat before purchasing and was not made aware of this. Percy couldn’t even get the parts needed to fix the out-drive. Volvo really should have recalled this poor out-drive model and they didn’t. I feel sorry for anyone who has these as they will fail and your only option is to replace with new ones of a different model.

A tail-spin of unfortunate events occurred from there on out. We had to replace both out-drives with different models, the insurance would only cover the damaged one, then the replacement transom shields were on back order…it has now been almost 4 months and although I have lost the entire season, Percy has been there for me the entire way. He got on phone calls with me to try to fight the insurance company to cover both out-drives (and he even did this when he was transporting a boat down in the Caribbean). He offered me the services of his own personal marine lawyer and got me to where I am today. I now have 2 new Volvo out-drives with warranty and we were able to do it for a price I could afford. I cannot tell you how amazing this man has been and I now will be storing my boat and having all further maintenance/winterizing done through Aquaman Marine and specifically Percy only. I cannot tell you how many phone calls, text messages and emails we have transferred throughout this summer and he has just been an absolute pleasure to work with. I TRUST him COMPLETELY and would not let anyone other than him touch my boat.

Thank you Percy and Aquaman Marine for your patience and all of your hard work!

Nicole F.

Chicago, IL

I was referred to Aquaman Marine from some other boaters at Burnham after I got some ridiculous quotes from other boat mechanics.  Not only did Percy come out within 4 hours, he had my boat fixed and back in the water in three days, having worked overnight at my request so the boat would be ready for a large client outing. The work was exceptional, and he even saved me some money on parts.  This guy wont screw you AND he really knows what hes doing — which is rare with boat mechanics. I’ll recommend him to everyone.
Anne M.

Chicago, IL

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